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Pitch Perfect
Classical Consultancy 

Sample process

1. Discover

2. Unlock 

3. Create

  • Your aims

  • Your objectives


In an exploratory workshop, we will work to understand your vision in lockstep with critical analysis of the best examples of classical music placement or syncing in brands and media.  This will enable us to undertake competitor analysis and start to explore possibilities for your project.

  • Our research

  • Our worked examples

Following our discovery and exploration workshop, we will select 3 music clips within your parameters and present back to you with an explanation of our choice.



  • Together, we define

  • Together, we complete

Having unlocked classical repertoire and explored options with you, we will hand over to our partners to finalise licensing.

Want to work with us in another way? No problem!

Are you a classical record label looking for support to explore the world of sync?

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