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How we came together for Pitch Perfect

Emma and Tom met in 2022 with a shared passion to search for ways to improve access to classical music.
They quickly realised that they were 'singing from the same hymn sheet' as to how to achieve this: by taking classical music out of its presentation case and unpacking the very human stories and sensations it can tell and convey.
Tom's background is in music performance and education. Since he was a child he has always felt deeply affected by the impact of music and classical music especially. His pursuit of a performance route has given him tangible insight into the sound world of this rich musical terrain. 
Emma's childhood surrounded by classical music and her professional background in the music industry, technology and the learning sciences has propelled her to relook at both the human and digital ways in which the value of classical music can truly be unlocked.

Why classical?

Scores and scores of classical music have withstood the test of time. Why? Because there is something particularly special that the genre has to offer; a timelessness, a richness. 


Quite simply, classical music has the power to transcend and inspire. And we exist to unlock and share this timelessness and richness.

Through passion and expertise, we are seeking to bring classical music to new contexts.


We have witnessed many missed opportunities in brand content, films and other media to leverage classical music for maximum impact. Our aim is to work with the best creators in the business – across film, TV, games, brand content and more – to transcend the normal and inspire the audiences they and their clients are seeking to reach through innovative and arresting use of classical music in their content.

Why are we doing this?

Because we believe in the strength of classical music's DNA.


And we believe in the ingenuity of those who create the classical music we are all now privileged to listen to at the click of a button – the performers, the composers, the arrangers, the producers, the engineers.


We think that classical music has a unique ability to delve deep into our consciousness and evoke an unequivocal sense of nostalgia.


Our pitch is that classical music is quite simply perfect.

We can't wait to work with you to show this in action.

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